Final print of Goosey …..

Okay, so, too many late nights printing but now it’s finished. I’m going to take it to the gallery tomorrow for the Xmas fair at Thoresby Courtyard and hope someone will purchase this lovely little fella.


Reduction print of a Greylag Goose

I’ve been getting back into printing again after a few months of drawing instead. I’ve really missed it!! Although my right hand is aching like mad, it is so addictive and I can’t wait for the colours to dry so I can apply the next one.

Here’s my progress so far on this goose that I photographed at Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire a few weeks ago. I’ll post again in a few days time when I’ve done some more, or maybe even finished the edition.

International Print Exchange 2014

Received my selection of prints last week! They are all so beautiful and I can’t wait to frame them.International Print Exchange 2014


Lino cut for print exchange 2014

'Au revoir' 2014

It’s been a few months since I last posted anything on here! I have been busy though, honestly, participating in Sketchbook Skool initiated by Danny Gregory. I will post some of that work once I have sifted through my sketchbooks for some decent images!


This print here is for this year’s print exchange run by Green Door Printmaking Studio. This is the first time that I have done this sort of print, black only instead of multiple colour. I am quite pleased with how it came out, especially because it is quite small, 10x10cm, and was rather tricky to carve.

Here is a little gallery of the process…



Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

We came across this delightful plant centre today. No frills, no cafe, no toilets, no gift shop – just plants and compost. Really good plants at that and all at very good prices. It’s a lovely family run place called Shirley’s. Shirley herself is an incredibly fit and healthy woman with the clearest eyes and skin I have seen on anyone for a long time.

I just love all these signs, made out of anything that will take some text. I mean, why throw away an old cupboard door when you can use it for a sign?

I especially love the rusted up old ice cream cart – ice creams haven’t been 6 pence for years!

For more fantastic entries for this challenge, have a look at these:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

This ‘monument’ to a true companion lies about a mile from where I live. It is the most beautiful eulogy to a dog that I have ever read. I can say no more, because I cry every time I read this. Whatever you think of Lord Byron, he loved his dog.




For more posts on the ‘monument’ theme please go here

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

I thought I would interpret this week’s challenge from the perspective of early life forms beginning to emerge.

Here is a baby newt that my husband found in our garden – this little thing on the threshold of a hopefully happy life in our pond:


Spring has finally sprung and so has the Magnolia Stellata. These delicate flowers are getting blown about by the wind at the moment and don’t like a late frost, but thankfully they keep on producing more buds, all rolled up like the whitest parasol waiting to unfurl:


See more entires for this challenge here: WPC: Threshold

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