Finished print of Snow Scene #1

Here it is, after much tweeking and a few extra transparent layers for the sky and the shadow at the bottom.


So now on to the next one in the series of four… This is showing the first two layers, the solid black ground with the first dark grey. I quite like this as it looks quite spooky!


Then with some background lines of trees cut out and some more foliage in the foreground, another layer of lighter grey.


Next for this one is an all in one roll of the sky and the snow, hopefully that will work!

Work in progress – Snowy wood scene

I’m currently working on a series of reduction prints of woodland scenes, taking advantage of the recent snow we have had. It’s all gone now, so no sledging for us at the moment. Boo hoo!!

Also, I am printing these from dark to light instead of light to dark, something I have never tried before but I thought it would work for these images. I’m pretty pleased with the results so far, it has worked as I had hoped, giving a grainer texture to the snow and the trees. There are a few more colours to go but I thought I would show where I am at the moment!

(apologies for the quality of my iPhone photos!)


First colour, solid black.



Second colour, dark grey.



Third colour, lighter grey. Well, actually it’s pretty much the same colour as the second, but the layering makes it look a lot lighter.



Fourth colour, white. I may do another layer of the white so as to make the snow pop out a bit more once I have printed the blue for the sky.

its all another learning curve though as I had trained my brain to think about colours from lightest to darkest, now it’s the other way around so I am having to really concentrate and make sure I don’t cut out the wrong bits!!






Belated ‘posting’ of Christmas cards

In all the excitement (not!) during the run up to the holidays, I forgot to post my christmas card designs on here. Or I could pretend that I am damn early for next year?

These two are a black lino print with collage or ‘chine colle‘ (if we’re going to be posh about it) using thin decoupage papers.

IMG_0640 IMG_0645

Final print of Goosey …..

Okay, so, too many late nights printing but now it’s finished. I’m going to take it to the gallery tomorrow for the Xmas fair at Thoresby Courtyard and hope someone will purchase this lovely little fella.


Reduction print of a Greylag Goose

I’ve been getting back into printing again after a few months of drawing instead. I’ve really missed it!! Although my right hand is aching like mad, it is so addictive and I can’t wait for the colours to dry so I can apply the next one.

Here’s my progress so far on this goose that I photographed at Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire a few weeks ago. I’ll post again in a few days time when I’ve done some more, or maybe even finished the edition.

International Print Exchange 2014

Received my selection of prints last week! They are all so beautiful and I can’t wait to frame them.International Print Exchange 2014


Lino cut for print exchange 2014

'Au revoir' 2014

It’s been a few months since I last posted anything on here! I have been busy though, honestly, participating in Sketchbook Skool initiated by Danny Gregory. I will post some of that work once I have sifted through my sketchbooks for some decent images!


This print here is for this year’s print exchange run by Green Door Printmaking Studio. This is the first time that I have done this sort of print, black only instead of multiple colour. I am quite pleased with how it came out, especially because it is quite small, 10x10cm, and was rather tricky to carve.

Here is a little gallery of the process…



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